Language courses

Welcome to the world of online education
that lately seems to has become a very effective, useful and practical way of learning new languages and chasing new dreams.


Our Bulgarian course totally meets your necessities. Everyone who wants or needs to learn Bulgarian is very welcome. We guarantee an effective way of learning and a satisfactory language level.


For our English course for foreigners we use one of the most successful language systems - Speakout. In its 6 levels, from Begginer to Advances you satisfy your necessities and meet your aims. The course is very well suited to your needs.


Our Spanish course is based on the most useful Spanish system for foreigners - Nuevo Ven. You can satisfy your wishes and get to the desired level on an effective, easy and pleasant way.

Advantages of the individual education

Individual attention

All the materials for each lesson are being preparated up to your needs, individual tempo and your free time. The tutor is entirely at your disposal with all his attention . You do not waste you time because of the tempo of learning of any other student.

Aways in a convenient time for you

Our daily routine is so dynamic,that organizing the our time is the biggest priority . You appreciate and distribute your time comfortably, and we comply with it. That's why our courses is totally adapted to your convenience and attitude, so you do not have to comply with a group schedule.

Personal teacher

When you want to learn a new language or improve your current language skills , the main purpose of our professional teachers is your needs and wishes. Our tutors are only focused on giving you the most effective and quality education that fully complies with your personality.

Advantages of the online education

Accessible from anywhere in the world

When your daily routine is so dynamic and you need to travel a lot , you can attend your language classes from any corner of the world by only having a stable Internet connection.

When you are looking for success

You do not have to waste your time and money anymore on traveling to the language school. Now you can learn from the office or from your home and if you have a smartphone you do not even need a computer.

Suitable for everyone

Suitable for employed people to save time, for students who admire technology and for everyone who wants to find new opportunities and chalanges.
About us
We aim your knowledge.
Our priority is your convenience. That's why the “ Andi Language” team is here to please you. We are a young team of professionals in the field of online language learning. Our idea is to make it easier for you and to offer you a quality language training. In the constantly developing cosmopolitan world, languages ​​are no longer a luxury but a necessity. We know our clients value ​​and distribute their time and therefore we have bet on modern and convenient online language learning. You no longer have to spend money and time for the way to the school, nor should you take into account the level and pace of learning of other students.