About us

We aim your knowledge.

Our priority is your convenience. That's why the  “ Andi Language” team is here to please you. We are a young team of professionals in the field of online language learning. Our idea is to make it  easier  for  you and to offer you a quality language training. In the constantly developing cosmopolitan world, languages ​​are no longer a luxury but a necessity. We know our clients value ​​and distribute their time and therefore we have bet on modern and convenient online language learning. You no longer have to spend money and time for the way to the school, nor should you take into account the level and pace of learning of other students. The online language education is quality, convenient, interesting, modern. It is a new way to get the necessary Knowledge. The online language education is the culmination of the modern human development. You need only a stable internet connection, the rest is in our hands. The” Andi Language” team works on the latest and most successful language learning systems that are fully compliant with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Our priority is your knowledge and convenience and we have created an individual online language learning to maximize the needs of each student .Our teachers work only with you, following your absorption rate. Our courses are fully tailored to your needs, desires, and goals. Because they are important to us. The individual training is complete,stable and in-depth. In it, the teacher and student are pursuing success together. Spanish language is one of the most spoken languages ​​in the world. And since we are practical and appreciate the time, we have developed a course in Common Spanish, a Spanish Business Course, a Conversational Spanish Course, a Practical Grammar Course and ¨I am a traveller¨ course so that one language can serve you in more places and in more situations. The Spanish language is an emotion, a memory of a beautiful past and a mean of convenient present. Spain is a country  that hypnotizes with its beauty  and the  friendliness of its locals. Now you have the opportunity to touch her culture personally, art, literature, to make new friends and to get  the desired job,to  expand your business  or to study at the dream university. And why not just to get to know the land of Cervantes and Don Quixote. Nowadays  English is simply a necessity. We have developed our individual and most useful courses in: Common English, Business English, Conversational English, English Grammar Course, and  ¨I am a traveller ¨course to give you a solid linguistic foundation and solid knowledges on the next levels. To help you grow personally and professionally. To make your dreams for good education, good work and good life come true. For those who like Bulgaria  and want to learn its language, we have created a course in Bulgarian language for foreigners. It is fully in line with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages as  all the textbooks are adapted to the relevant contact language (English and Spanish) of training.