Online language test - English

1. ..... apples in the fridge.
There isn’t no
There is any
There isn’t any
I cannot answer
2. Marry…….. dinner with us last Friday
Didn´t have got
Didnt´t have
I cannot answer
3. I’ve lost my phone. I cannot find it .....
I cannot answer
4. Every summer , she travels abroad for her holidays ....
in bus
on bus
by bus
I cannot answer
5. Mary and Tom…….. time for breakfast.
didn't have
had not
I cannot answer
6. Suddenly, we heard a loud noise, but outside, there ........there!
was nobody
is anybody
wasn't nobody
I cannot answer
7. Choose correctly
What is like Barcelona?
How is Barcelona?
What is Barcelona like?
I cannot answer
8. Choose correctly
Tom usually goes to the beach every summer
Tom goes every summer usually to the beach
Tom usually go to the beach every summer
I cannot answer
9. Choose correctly
Where playing golf your father?
Where is your father playing golf?
Where is playing golf your father?
I cannot answer
10. Choose correctly
What is like the weather?
How is the weather?
What is the weather like?
I cannot answer
11. I have yoga classes ……
on Fridays
in Fridays
by Fridays
I cannot answer
12. Marry ..... Jane to go to the beach.
I cannot answer
13. Antonio is the manager, you need to speak to …..
I cannot answer
14. I have to go to the shop ..... some food
for buying
to buy
to buying
I cannot answer
15. There ..... many people in front of the bank.
were no
weren't no
I cannot answer
16. Michael arrived ..... the airport two hours late
I cannot answer
17. Your father works in this office , .....?
doesn’t he?
does he?
isn’t he?
I cannot answer
18. Choose correctly
I asked Mary to come with me.
I asked Mary come with me.
I asked Mary went with me.
I cannot answer
19. If I lived on the beach, I …….. a ship.
have bought
would buy
would have bought
I cannot answer
20. If I won a million dollars , I …….. a house on the beach.
will buy
would buy
would have bought
I cannot answer
21. Have you told him the news? Yes, I’ve …..done it.
I cannot answer
22. ..... is it from India to Japan?
How far
How long
How much distance
I cannot answer
23. “.....have you been living in Madrid ?” “Only one month”
How long
How long time
What time
I cannot answer
24. I'm having a meeting tomorrow , so I....stay up late!
I cannot answer
25. I will …………. my little sister tonight.
look for
look after
look to
I cannot answer
26. "This handbag looks very heavy. ......carry one for you?'' —“Thnk you a lot !”
Will I
Shall I
Do I
I cannot answer
27. Michael asked me to go to the cinema, but I told him that I …the movie.
had already saw
had already seen
already saw
I cannot answer
28. I asked you .....
will help me.
to helping me.
to help me.
I cannot answer
29. She worked hard yesterday that´s why she ………. with us.
did not come
did not came
wasn´t come
I cannot answer
30. I haven’t seen Jane ..... the last Friday
I cannot answer
31. We've been living in this house ... six months.
I cannot answer
32. I'm just going to buy some chocolate cake - .............get one for you too?'
Do you want me to
Do you want I to
Do you want me
I cannot answer
33. “..... have you been going out with Tom ?” “One year”.
How long
How long time
What time
I cannot answer
34. How long have you been living here? I don't before.
to seeing
to see
I cannot answer
35. I thought your sister .....
was going to go out with us.
go to go out with us
will to go out with us.
I cannot answer
36. This is the man ..... I told you about.
I cannot answer
37. You can call me ..... you like.
I cannot answer
38. That’s the ….. of my wishes, it’ll happen for sure.
I cannot answer
39. That was a great match. I’ll never forget ..... Messi score that goal.
to see
I cannot answer
40. I wanted a white phone but they only had .....
one blue
a blue one
a blue
I cannot answer
41. Let’s have another mug of beer, ……
don’t we?
let us?
shall we?
I cannot answer
42. It is better you ……………the doctor this question, not me
To ask
I cannot answer
43. By this time tomorrow I ….. my job done , and no more worries !
will have
will have had
are having
I cannot answer
44. We had a 20 minute delay at the airport before take ......
I cannot answer
45. If I ..... you, I ....visit Spain.
am... will
have been... would
were... would
I cannot answer
46. I wish I ..... born in California.
have been
I cannot answer
47. He ate the cake so fast …….. starving.
as if
as if he were
I cannot answer
48. If only I had had the chance to go to Portugal ......
years ago
for years
since years
I cannot answer
49. A bicycle .... a car
doesn´t cost as much as
doesn´s cost so much as
doesn´t cost much as
I cannot answer
50. I told my sister ....
to not do that
not to do that
don´t do that
I cannot answer
51. I wish ..... how it ..... feel to be inlove
knew ..... would
had known .... would
I cannot answer
52. If you had asked me I ....
might have told you the truth
might had told you the truth
I might told you the truth
I cannot answer
53. I .... use hair oil when I .... in India
have used to ..... was
used to .... was
used to ... have been
I cannot answer
54. Hello, sorry that I am late.
Are you been waiting for long?
Are you waiting for long?
Are you been waiting since long?
I cannot answer
55. Lucy, don´t forget ....
to tell your brother to come
to tell to your brother to come
telling to your brother to come
I cannot answer
56. I like to stay ..... the sea
near to
I cannot answer
57. Let ..... the hand everyone who doesn´t want the taxes to ......
I cannot answer
58. You .... .... exhausted after your exam yesterday.
must be
must have been
must been
I cannot answer
59. If we had told the truth, we could have ...... the sad situaton.
I cannot answer
60. I asked my sister if ...... a bar of chocalate for me.
she had bought
she bought
had buy
I cannot answer
61. Jocelyn ......... her sister ...... ages.
has not seen .... since
has not seen ... for
has not seen ... from
I cannot answer