General terms and conditions

1. General  considerations

These Terms and Conditions regulate the relations between “Andi Language”   Language School  and the  "organizing and conducting language courses"  service users  .
To use the services of “ Andi Language” Language School , you need to familiarize yourself with and comply with the provisions of these terms and conditions.

2. Enrolling

Enrolling in  a language course other than A1 is done after an online entrance test.
The client receives information about the test result within the same day.
Signing up for a course  is done by filling in the contact form of the school, the "enroll in a course" form, or contacting by a phone call and paying a bank transfer fee (please ask for the bank account).
Candidates may express their  wish to take part in a language course by filling in the contact form or by making a call.

3. Fee

With a fee paid for different courses, applicants receive:
Information from the school's website or by phone.
The fee includes: The fee does not include study materials.

4. In case of withdrawal after the beginning of the course, the student is not entitled to reimbursement of the fee paid.

5. Final test

At the end of each course, a final online test is scheduled for the course material .
The teacher is required to inform the student about  the type of the components that the test contains and the system for evaluating the results as well.
The final test is considered successful at 80% attendance of the classes and 51% faithful answers to the test.

6. Protection of personal data

When enrolling for a course and for issuing a Certificate, the trainee voluntarily provides the necessary personal data and agrees the same to be used and stored.